Our single goal is always to get the very best outcomes for our clients. That means we seek out and present the solutions which are absolutely best for them, not the most beneficial to us. It also means that we broke differently than others.

Unlike many smaller brokers, we have sufficient international reach to have up-to-date intelligence about every insurance market. And unlike some of the largest brokers, instead of a regional business structure, where business units operate independently and in their own interest, Ed is structured according to what’s best for our customer. Each line of business operates without geographical boundaries and P&L constraints. Local client leaders knit everything together. We are believers and investors in technology, but we are not technology driven.

Systems empower our people to get the best results for our clients, but our experts – and their talent, initiative, and intellect – are our greatest asset, and our premier offering to clients. Ed does not compete with any firm in our client chain. It is another way customers can be certain we always work in their best interests.