Our Cash in Transit & General Specie team comprises over 120 years of specialist specie knowledge.

We have built strong and long-standing relationships with a multitude of insurers, both in London and international markets, ensuring we are able to create the right insurance solutions for our clients, no matter how unique their requirements.

Our expertise in this area means that no matter how rare a client’s risk profile is, we will be able to design the insurance programme they need.

We are proud to represent some of the largest clients in this sector. Our unique market facilities allow efficient and effective placement of large limit insurance programmes and twinned with our market relationships ensures we are able to secure limits of over US$2.5 billion for an insurance policy if required.


Our broking services include:

  • Cash & valuables in transit
    The lifecycle of cash, from printing and minting to distributing and exchanging, presents unique risks that require comprehensive coverage and fast, effective claims management. Our broking services cover your business needs at every stage of the cash lifecycle offering bespoke coverage for business operations such as:

    • cash in transit
    • cash processing
    • ATM replenishment
    • bureau de change
    • cheque cashing.
  • General specie
    As well as being in high demand by the jewellery market, precious metals are also used in a multitude of other business areas including industrial processing, electronics, medical technologies and feeding a vibrant recycling market. Whichever the use, their high value means a need for specialist insurance. Our expertise extends throughout the precious metals cycle including:

    • mining companies
    • security carriers
    • refineries
    • metal traders
    • recyclers
    • vaulting/ safe deposit boxes companies
    • financial institutions.
  • Emerging risks
    Technological advancements and the increasingly globalised economy that has emerged over recent years has changed the risk landscape.

    One associated trend is the increased usage of alternative digital payment methods, which presents new risks as well as new opportunities to both individuals and businesses.

    Our team are continuously educating themselves on such emerging risks to ensure they remain relevant. This is crucial to our ability to carry on developing innovative solutions that our clients will continue to need now and in future years.

    We are in constant dialogue with the market to keep up to date as these are rapidly changing areas of business and we relish the chance to create brand new solutions within emerging areas of specie insurance.

    Recent examples we have worked on include crypto-currency and legalised cannabis (medicinal and recreational depending on the territory), both of which have started to become increasingly prevalent in the global economy.


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