Peter Hacker to focus on his work and research at Distinction.Global

Ed, the global reinsurance, wholesale and specialty broker, confirms that Peter Hacker, Ed's Group Chief Innovation Officer and member of the Group Executive Leadership team, is leaving the company to focus on his work and research at Distinction.Global.

Peter Hacker is a globally recognized industry expert across Cyber Security, Cyber Crime and Crypto-Technology (‘InsureTech’). Before he joined Ed, he co-founded Distinction.Global, a specialist advisory unit of the Cyber Crime Institute, an independent global think tank dealing with aspects of cybercrime and cyber security. He has made the decision to focus on “Insure Tech’ developments, advising boards, risk stakeholders and risk associations. In this respect, he is an international public speaker and works as an expert for numerous international organisations, developing industry specific strategies, policies and risk transfer mechanisms customised to Fortune 500 enterprises, regional and international organisations and individuals.

Steve Hearn, Group CEO Ed said: “I am sad to see Peter leave, I thank him for his invaluable international expertise and wish him all the best for the future.”

Peter Hacker commented: “I am grateful for the opportunity given by Steve and the Board. I have been proud of being part of the Ed leadership team, like to thank our clients, partners and my colleagues for their support. I look very much forward to focusing on cyber security & cybercrime board advisory, ‘InsureTech’ research and public speaking opportunities.