No. We intend to broaden the product range we have on the portal but currently this is only for funds and limited partnerships. There is the option for D&O to be extended to the fund manager when purchasing D&O for the fund but this is only permissible where the fund manager only manages one fund. 

This is because a self-managed fund has a professional indemnity exposure, which we can’t handle through our agreement with our partner insurers. However, this will be coming soon. 

It is very simple to get an indication or quick quote and we’ve made this is as simple and as quick as possible so that you can get an idea of what the premium would be. 99% of the time this indication will be the final premium. However, in order to get a formal bindable quote there are a few more additional questions that insurers need answered depending on the type of risk but, most importantly, we have to undertake compliance/sanctions checks before we can provide a formal bindable quote. So this is why we need a Certificate of Incorporation and details of the directors/officers. Regardless, we hope you agree it is a very painless process.

Directors' & officers' insurance (D&O) covers the directors and officers of an entity for any loss in relation to a wrongful act while carrying out their duties. Directors' duties are definable and distinguishable and are deemed to be low risk. However, the role of the GP board, in essence, is to ratify the investment decisions of the investment advisor, which is viewed by insurers as stepping outside the boundary of D&O cover and into the realm of a professional service and as such the GP board requires professional indemnity/errors & omissions (PI) cover for claims in this regard.
In certain jurisdictions it is a regulatory requirement for the GP board to purchase PI but regardless of any regulator's opinion on this, what matters is the insurers' perception of the risk. What we absolutely do not want to happen is for an insurer to argue that the claim is not covered by the D&O policy or for there to be an allocation dispute whereby the insurer argues that only part of the claim is covered. This is precisely why GP Sentinel has been developed. Ultimately, the PI extension is not mandatory but the option is there and we absolutely recommend the GP board purchasing PI in order to cover the inherent exposure.

A combined limit is one single limit of professional indemnity (PI) and directors’ & officers’ Liability (D&O) cover. Either a PI or a D&O claim will erode the single limit. Separate limits are precisely that. For a modest additional premium there would be one limit of PI and a separate limit of D&O and only a PI claim would erode the PI limit leaving the D&O, which is there to protect the personal liability of Insured Persons, intact.

Please contact us at or +44 1534 488257 so we can discuss further.

The portal is only able to provide a premium rating if various minimum criteria are met. By selecting 'Other', the portal can’t assign a premium rating, which means the application is referred to the Sentinel Team. If you have questions about an application please email us at or call us on +44 1534 488257 and we would be very happy to assist you. If you have gone through the application after selecting Other, you will be advised that it has been referred and the team will have been advised that you weren’t able to proceed and we will be in touch.

This email can sometimes take a few moments to come through to your inbox. Please do keep checking over the course of 10 minutes, including your junk/spam folder. If you still don’t receive anything, contact us at or +44 1534 488257 and we’ll assist you.

You may have not answered one of the questions which, if so, will prevent you from completing your application. Please make sure you have provided an answer for each of the questions you see. If you have answered everything, and you are still experiencing issues, please contact us at or +44 1534 488257.

Click on the ‘Browse’ button next to the document uploaded in error. When the pop-up window appears, select ‘Cancel’ in the bottom-right corner of the pop-up box to remove the file.

Go here, and enter your email address. You will receive an email with your username and a link to change your password. We do not store any password information for security reasons.

There are various levels of privileges on the portal. It is possible to be part of a team/company, so that anyone in that group can see each other’s active quotes and active policies. If you would like to see other users’ records, please email us at and we can make that change.

Once logged in, select ‘Retrieve quotes and policies’ at the top of the webpage and search for your required policy using the fields provided. Click ‘view’ next to the quote/policy for further options.

Yes, the portal will remind you at a number of intervals across a 30-day period prior to the expiry of the policy. Please be advised that after the expiry of the policy, if a claim were to arise, there will be no insurance protection in place and any and all costs would be borne by the entity and its directors. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to ensure that you renew the policy, if ongoing cover is required. These policies will not auto-renew.